Print Audit

A professional print audit from Blueprint will allow you to see exactly how much and how efficiently your office printers and photocopiers are being used by your staff. This insight will help our team determine exactly where the areas of improvement are for your business.


We use this information to determine the best steps forward in the design of your system giving careful attention to what you need to be successful today and for the long-term.


The following process allows our team to better understand your needs and create managed print solutions that deliver results:


  • Analysis of your current print usage and practices through the use of automated online monitoring
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis to determine your actual operating costs per machine, including an analysis of your asset register
  • Physical site inspection and user analysis
  • Identification of areas for improvement and cost reduction
  • Presentation of data and mapping of new solution and processes
  • Introduction of solution and monitoring of its effectiveness in your unique environment
  • Adapting and evolving these solutions to meet the changing needs of your business through time
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the solution using online tools and the very best level of service available


Unique Solutions for Unique Requirements


Get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff today to discuss how a professional print audit can help you determine your company’s unique requirements for office printers and photocopiers. We only supply our customers with the best products for their requirements and our managed print solutions are always supported by responsive customer service.

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