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As Australia’s most trusted independent provider of document solutions, Blueprint provides large and small companies with print, document, photocopier dealers, data and communication technologies that are designed to streamline business processes for efficiency and cost savings. We carefully integrate market-leading solutions into your business in the form of Managed Print Services (MPS), Unified Communications (UC) and comprehensive Production Print Services, so you can focus on the core aspects of running your business.


We specialise in the supply, management, support and maintenance of printer and photocopier fleets, encompassing all hardware, consumables, service, and support.


Why buy a photocopier from Blueprint?

Why should you Buy a photocopier from Blueprint Managed Services? We are 100% brand independent, meaning we can choose from a range of market-leading products and offer you a best fit solution that most meets your needs and is tailored to your individual requirements.


With one agreement and a single responsible owner, Blueprint’s team of trained specialists are committed to providing you the service and support you expect while ensuring you get a managed print solution best suited to your organisation.



Our vast industry experience within both Public and Private Sector organisations coupled with our superior product offerings, including manufacturer qualified service and support, mean that we can support any size organisation. This includes complex multiple sites all the way through to a simple cost and infrastructure management challenge.

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