Managed Print Services – Lease a Photocopier in Sydney

Properly designed and executed managed print services can save your company as much as 45% of your current printing costs.


With our professional no obligation print audit, we make it easy to Lease Photocopiers in Sydney. A print audit helps us learn about your unique situation so we can offer advice on how to reduce your operating costs. This might be to replace some, all or none of your existing hardware, but the end result is a more productive and efficient solution. Almost 100% of the time we are able to improve your situation and allow you to use your freed-up capital to invest in other areas of your business.


With the complete optimisation of your printer production we take care of the supply, management and maintenance of your printers, photocopiers, scanner and fax fleets so you can run your business more efficiently.


Delivering Unique Solutions


Managed print solutions from Blueprint deliver:

  • Management of new and existing equipment
  • Finance (new equipment) and Acquisition (existing equipment)
  • Installation of new and decommissioning of old
  • Maintenance and support
  • Online consumables and supplies
  • Ongoing monitoring and support of solution
  • Save your company money and time


Each of our partnerships starts on the foundation of a comprehensive print audit which entails everything from a complete analysis of your current print usage to the implementation and monitoring of a more efficient system and so much more.


With the installation of our software monitoring services, your process and print-related expenses become completely transparent, giving you total control over the management of print activities in your business. Our customised managed print services use a combination of hardware and software to maximise savings, reduce risk and ease the environmental impacts and energy consumption of your printing solutions.

Lease Photocopiers Sydney


To learn more about managed print services, visit our print audit page.