Our Company Promise

As a business we believe in the following


Honesty and Impartiality – A relationship can only survive when honesty and respect are at the centre of every interaction. Our independence allows us to always do what is right for our customers and colleagues, creating a level of trust that works to foster a long-lasting partnership.


Value – We work hard to ensure that every customer gets the most value out of our products and services. This means offering you a smart investment that will help you increase your company’s productivity and improve your bottom line. Your repeat business is very important to us.


Innovation – Our fresh thinking and inventiveness is what allows us to discover new ways to problem-solve, build new skillsets and deliver new ways to add value.  We’ve seen technology change as quickly as the needs of our customers, so keeping ahead of the trends and advancements in printing has made us a trusted partner.


Long-Term Commitment – Blueprint builds meaningful relationships with each and every customer in order to ensure the lasting efficiency of your managed print solution.


Customised Printing


Offering More – Customised Printing


For customised printing and document solutions, no company offers more. We only carry the highest quality photocopiers and printers so are able to offer you the very best mix of products available in the industry. Get in touch with us today for more information on our free, no-obligation print audit and learn how a fully managed print solution can increase your productivity and reduce operating costs.