Unified Communications

At the core of our Unified Communications strategy is a mission to transform the customer experience and reduce costs while providing business intelligence that adds value to your operations. Blueprint accomplishes this through a user interface that combines all of your communications tools into one intuitive system that provides more effective communication within your organisation as well as externally. This includes the management of voice, video, instant messaging, presence and conferencing tools from any device, in any location.


Through intelligent design and proper implementation, Blueprint’s Unified Communications systems deliver greater efficiency in your connectivity, conferencing, and cellular processes, while increasing the productivity of your staff to provide a more enjoyable user experience .


Blueprint is proud of our commitment to ensuring customers get honest and accurate information, exceptional service and competitive pricing. Our custom-designed solutions are tailored to your company’s needs today, while providing the flexibility you want for the future. We also work hard to incorporate your current infrastructure and original investment into the design of a new network with industry-leading technology.


Unified Communications (UC’s) refers to the following technologies:


Voice and Telephony – traditional desk phones, desktop softphones, smart phones and tablets
Conferencing – high quality and reliable audio, video and web conferencing technologies
Messaging – the integration of voicemail and email into a unified messaging system
Presence and Instant Messaging – presence allows you to let people know your availability for more effective communication both internally and externally


Thanks to the flexibility of our tailored solutions, Unified Communication capabilities can represent a complete overhaul of your telephony system or the integration of chosen aspects that can be adopted to your current solution to provide a comprehensive system that meets your company’s unique requirements.



Unified Communications

Blueprint understands that it can be an overwhelming task to understand the technologies involved in Unified Communications. Our experienced team is happy to help you navigate the options to find what would work best for your business. Feel free to contact us today for more information on integrating your company.